Anti-ageing Explosive Cocktail

Formulation by Natura-tec

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This amazing oil will give you a firework of skin regenerating activity, supported by a proven efficacy.  This anti-ageing cocktail, thanks to our latest microalgae extract, will significantly increase the collagen synthesis up to 20% and reduce wrinkles volume by 12%.  This oil serum presents anti-glycation properties for a global anti-aging result : reduction of 60% of the AGE (Anti Glycation End product) formation.
In addition this precious blend neutralizes oxidative stress; the anti-oxidant property has been demonstrated by the DPPH test : reduction by 58% of free radical formation.  Our anti-ageing explosive cocktail will also protect you from sun damage, by inhibiting redness and reducing the dehydration effect.

Formulated with:

Natura-Tec Plantsil
Natura-Tec Marine BlueVital C
Natura-Tec Ultra O Active
Natura-Tec Rose Hip Oil-Refined
Natura-Tec Grape Seed Oil-Refined
Natura-Tec Camelina Oil-Refined