INCI: Aqua/Water (and) Plantago lanceolata seed extract (and) Hexanediol


Bio-sensory anti-aging

Definition: plant polysaccharide obtained from the seeds of Plantain, rich in mucilage. Grown in France, the plantain comes from an organic and sustainable source.

Mode of action: 3Dermilyn® is a bio-sensory active ingredient that, thanks to its mucilage richness, act in 3 dimensions on the skin
– Structural: 3Dermilyn® strengthens the skin-deep architecture and restore the skin surface damaging by aging
– Emotional: 3Dermilyn® regenerates natural soothing abilities and stimulates the happiness mechanism thus limiting
– Sensorial: 3Dermilyn® brings an innovative texture to your formulas thanks to its unique touch the deleterious consequences of stress By restructuring the skin architecture and by acting on the mechanisms at the origin of feelings of well-being, 3Dermylin® relaxes the skin and visibly reduces the signs of aging.

Water Soluble.