Supplier Zone

A New Way to Service the Canadian Market

Direct Sales to the Canadian Market

We offer our customers the possibility to purchase directly from our Suppliers. Our approach provides our Suppliers a more Sustainable Competitive advantage.

Local Market Knowledge

We have an extensive Knowledge of the Canadian Personal Care and Cosmetic Industries. Our Local market Knowledge combined with our Technical approach will fast-track your results in Canada.

Your Local Technical Sales Representative

Potentia Ingredients acts as an extension of your Organization without the added cost of a distributor or establishing your own sales team. Our goal is to empower our customers by understanding their product development needs and providing them the knowledge from our valued suppliers.

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Potentia Ingredients brings a new way to connect Manufacturers of chemical ingredients and Canadian Personal care and Cosmetics manufacturers.  We offer tailor-made solutions to our Suppliers in order to provide them a competitive advantage and sales growth.

To find out more about our services and the type of agreements that we propose:

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