PhytoSpherix is multi-functional active produced in Canada. It is a Pure form of glycogen derived from corn. It increases cellular metabolism and promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production in skin cells.
Overall Wrinkle Reduction ( Tests on Eye and Forehead )
Improves skin hydration on its own
In combination with HA (hyaluronic acid), boosts moisturizing performance instantly and after 7 hours up to 40%.
NEW DATA: In combination with Niacinamide, PhytoSpherix improves skin soothing, decreases inflammation lesions, blackheads and improves skin complexion.
Improves Radiance and dark spot fighter. Recovers skin luminosity and enhances skin tone.
Water Soluble. Available also in 10% Liquid solution.

USE LEVEL: 0.05-0.3%